#Eliane Neumann Numerologist

Eliane Neumann, expert numerologist, has been running a business for counseling and guidance, combined with tarot reading – Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck © 


Advice in all areas of life: 
Work, relationships, health, education, business, children, buying a home and whatever concerns us in everyday life for which we want counseling.

Numerology with counseling and guidance:

  • Personal counseling
  • Business counseling
  • Couples communication
  • Vocational/Educational orientation
  • Personal changes
  • Parent-children communication
  • Couples compatibility
  • Vocational compatibility
  • Classes about Tarot reading, numerological interpretation, body language etc.
  • Social activities, fun days for employees etc.

Numerological advice is also given by phone, email and Skype.

Social Events and Activities:

Sample of Tarot readingFocused lectures on various subjects: numerology, letters of the Hebrew alphabet and their meaning, activities with tarot cards, bachelor/bachelorette parties, team building and fun days for employees, birthdays and company social events.

When you stand at the foot of a mountain, you see a mountain.
When you are on the top of the mountain, you see a wide view in front of you.
Likewise, reality is about an angle and a point of view.
You see the wide vista of reality laid out before you. That is what you get in a counseling session.



About Eliane's energy Tarot Deck:
The cards are based on:
The five energy areas of the human body, represented by different colors (the blue color, for example, is energetically connected to the throat and to emotions);
A numerologist analyses reality and personality via dates;
Astrology and the stars that rule the zodiac signs (for example: Mars rules Aries);
The four elements (for example, Earth is the element associated with Taurus);
And finally, the Hebrew Alphabet, which comprises our creation energy, the genetic code of the soul.

eliane neumann numerology siteBeautiful cards, hand drawn, under my guidance, by a very talented woman: Yevgenia Fisher.
The cards show you the question and the solution. I explain to you the means for action!
The instruction leaflet for the cards was written by me and edited by Dr. Ram Gal.
I believe in being practical, which is why I developed the cards. Less words and more action.
You can see with your own eyes what is right for you and how to do it. It works. Short and to the point!
Numerological Advice
You can set up a meeting for a counseling session and receive answers for questions and ways for achieving solutions and change, with the tools I use: numerology and the Tarot.

What effect does Eliane's method have in laying down a workplan:
The tools you receive at the counseling session change your point of view, therefore what used to seem so complicated, now seems manageable and simple.
Workshops and Courses:
In additions to my personal counseling as a numerologist, I also give courses and workshops for small groups of up to ten people.

Focused lectures on various subjects: numerology, letters of the Hebrew alphabet and their meaning, activities with tarot cards, bachelorette parties, team building and fun days for employees, birthdays and company social events.
Empowerment and maximizing your abilities:
Guided by Eliane's method, numerology and the Tarot she created – Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck – you can achieve your dreams, and dreams do come true!!!

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