about Eliane Neumann Numerology creator of Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck(c)Eliane Neumann, numerologist and creator of Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck ©, reads and maps your personality using your name and birth date. I can see an area needing treatment and assistance or a strong area, and using this information, you get the "prescription" which brings a change and a fulfillment of destiny.

I and my late sister, Jeanine, were born in Africa, myself in Burundi and Jeanne in Rwanda. My mother, who was born in Turkey, arrived at Rhodes during World War II and was taken from there by the Germans, together with her family. Her whole family (her sisters and their husbands and children and her elderly parents) were killed on the way, and she and her sister were taken to Auschwitz and were sent to work. Her sister passed away in her arms at the end of the war, when the allies closed the camp and did not provide them with any help for fear of diseases. Her sister died of typhus.

My late mother told me that all that time, she was accompanied by an entity that saved her life over and over again. It would appear in front of her and tell her where to find shelter, food, and once even a pair of shoes that saved her from a long walk barefoot in the snow.
My late mother survived Auschwitz. Her two late brothers arrived at Africa. One of them survived and he is the one who brought her to Africa after the war. The second one, Eli, after whom I'm named, was killed by a lightning strike in Angola, Africa.
Mylate father,was born in Germany. He went to Africa to work for a British company. His parents refused to leave Germany despite my father's warning that they are

 going to be harmed. They did not believe him, since they were Germans for many generations. And indeed they were taken to Theresienstadt, and on the way to Auschwitz his parents were killed.

My parents met in Africa.
I made aliyah with my parents and my sister on 1965, and I've lived here ever since.  This is my home and here my children and grandchildren were born.
I married a moshav member at age 17.5 and we were married for 20 years.
On my wedding day I received an enlightenment : you will bear children and be married for 20 years. This scared me, but indeed, that is what happened.

 I'm living in a second-round partnership with an amazing man. Publishing the tarot cards, leaving my work and pursuing this as a sole occupation were done with his encouragement and his faith in me.

As a child, the language at home was a mystical one: dream interpretation, signs and their meanings. My mother continued to see her entity until she managed to get free of it, because she really didn't want it.

My sister also developed her spirituality via her paintings. She was an amazing painter, and our pastime, hers and mine, was to sit together and read each other's cards.

I've studied for five years with Aaron Lev-Ari numerology, the meaning of life, facial features, Riders tarot and Kabala tarot. To this day I study Yemima's "Cognitive Thinking".

The mystical world is not mystical in my eyes, it’s a way of seeing reality from a different angle. The numbers help me see and understand my own and others' internal world.

"When you stand at the foot of a mountain and you see a mountain in front of you, that's a point of view. When you are on top of the mountain and a wide vista is spread out in front of you, that's a point of view".
Therefore, when looking at your reality, it sometimes looks blocked, complicated. It is important to remember that there are things you don't see in the wide picture, things that are there for your use, for your benefit and for your good.
I illuminate the view and present it to you. From there you start your own work with a different viewpoint and new energy.

Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck © was born by channeling. In the 1990's I woke up one night with precise inspiration for it.
I drew the cards on a piece of cardboard I found at home. I cut out the drawings and got 54 tarot cards with all the elements and names.
When I moved in with my partner I found them in some packages, and with his encouragement I started writing the handbook, found a talented painter who drew the cards under my guidance and printed them, after designing the box and the handbook.
From there, quitting my job to concentrate solely on this area was inevitable.

Handbook editor: Dr. Ram Gal.                                                            
Painter under my guidance: Yevgenia Fisher.
Printers: Goldprint Ltd.

The tarot cards complement my work and provide a method, which I invented, combined with numerology.
The cards are unique, they contain all elements of prediction, including energy regions, and are therefore called Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck ©.

The cards provide a kind of therapy all by themselves.

I came up with two phrases which are my motto:
"Everyone dies, not everyone is born"©
"What you see as complicated – from another angle you see as simple"©

And of course, in order to be a medium you have to live and be a model as a person, and there's a famous saying, said by someone smart to be the entire Torah:
"Love your neighbor as yourself".

That is a way of life.                                                                                                               

Eliane Neumann, numerologist and creator of Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck © 2011

My children, my partner and his children, my children's father, my family, my late sister and my dear friends are my best teachers, and I have much to learn from them yet.

There is no end for the love I feel for them.

Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck was created with this love, a gift received.

Thank God!


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