Daily Tip


 giving just for giving
receiving with respect and appreciation
that's the essence of recycling(c) 

If each one sweeps before his own door,
the whole street is clean. (proverb)

wealth is health
kindness is wholeness
(inspired by an hebrew proverb)

habits are obstacle to growth and developmant (c)

He who is aware of his foolishness is a wise person
(yidish proverb)

Talk from you're heart
it will go straight to his mind.(c)

A wise man hears one word and understands two.
Yiddish Proverb
my Interpretation:
A wise man say one word that weight like two at least(c)

I ask you how are you
You answer me yesterday i felt bad
that's how life goes by
you are not in the present(c)

When you want to be sucsesful and beutiful
change youre mind
to a mind of a sucsesful and beutiful person (c)

Let's talk,  listen carefully to another person
Wait until the end of his words,
And accept him as he
And with the understanding that we are different
And there to learn from the different
And that all the beauty about us poeple.(c)

First trust until proven otherwise.
Much easier, saves energy, and therefore most effective to see the truth.(c)

Simple math. A person soulless is going to end shouting help!!!!(c)

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
Yidish proverb

You understand a little something in your world.
Little something that opens an disappeared door .
And another place opened you to explore(c)

The  soul have a, mind, heart and personality of its own
She knows before you what you
Do not know yet (C)

When you let go of the question ..
The answer clutching you!(c)

When a man is too good for the world, he's bad for his wife
yidish proverb

What you don't see with your eyes, don't invent with your mouth.
Yiddish proverb

Wealth is a language.
If you want to study it,
Speek it ,practice it,
Abundance& wealth Welcome in. Amen! (C)

you're vision of reality is the illusion of you're Patterns of thought.
Learn new patterns.
How? that's the kee .
Why? to be .(c)Eliane Neumann

"A cat in gloves catches no mice"

" A fair face may hide a foul heart"

.Abundance is a sort of  language.
To realyze this wealth in you're life
Study it,
You have to practice,everyday this language
Everyday a new phrase
Abundance and wealth come on in. Amen! (C)

When we are going through an emotional shaken.
Often we feel that we break down.
Like a  puzzle,we reconect the pieces
And make all over again the  picture.
the picture is beautiful and clear.
We forgot that this was so.(c)

When you pray and ask precisely
The light goes on above
Then downloading Blessing from above

When you take responsibility of you're doing
an action that procure a reaction:
it Executes your wishes,
it Brings in solutions,
And fills you're expectations from life
Eliane Neumann(C)

Our need to love  is the essence of vitality and life.
"Who does not know how to love and implements Love,
turns off the candle before his time." (C)

love and work
will bring you happiness
if you nullifying your Ego(C)



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