As a business and employer
I deal with employer-employee relations, , economic management.
Eliane arrived, and i did not know what to expect
I felt I had a woman with integrity, reliability, professionalism and calm.
I started the process that led me to improve
The above functions.
Mostly I learned to slow down the rate of speech in the negotiations, in front of employees
I learned to wait with my reactions and to  listen more.
Highly recommend for those who want to go through the process
Which enhances and optimizes the personal data, functioning life.
Goshen Eti

When I first met Eliane, first thing I was fascinated by the idea, the design and the uniqueness of her cards.
Time passed and I wanted to hear more about it.
 I had a meeting with Eliane, hear things about myself through her amazing cards,
 I got to hear what can strengthen me and what stops me, I enjoyed hearing about my family and understand all of our family story.
All this through the cards and an amazing person who knows how to convey the message properly and most pleasant.
 After the meeting, I felt that I got a shot of refreshing, I kept thinking about all the information I received from her
 and it made me stronger. Strongly recommend everyone to try and find yourself a new world. Just awesome.
Thank you Eliane
Naturopathic Adar Efrat

Dear Eliane,
I met you when almost  all lights extinguished  in my life
you lighted up the paths of  my life and taught me to walk again, and to believe in myself
best regards



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