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  • Types by birth date Types by birth date

    Types by birth date Summary Anyone can identify himself By the full birth date summary it shows the way you achieve desires  and what make your happiness. it shows what mate you are an... Read more »

    Monday, November 09, 2020
  • The need of changing The need of changing

    Change, it's from inside. When the need of changing is so powerful and essential Do it! That can not be otherwise. If you think a lot, it is probably not the time Or it is ... Read more »

    Thursday, November 05, 2020
  • How do you know? How do you know?

    When you asked for something And do for it And you were all tuned to And you do not see it here, here and now. Yet something inside relaxed You do not think about it You like what i... Read more »

    Friday, April 24, 2020
  • start moving on  start moving on

    I am stuck no matter what i do it doesn't work familiar? Read more »

    Thursday, January 30, 2020
  • numerlogy numerlogy

    In #numerology When the name and the date of birth( day and month) Are the same number It meens That you have to be verry faithful to your values in all the areas of work, studies,parenting,housing. Read more »

    Saturday, January 25, 2020

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