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Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck ©Fourth Lesson. One question per each card.lesson 4 Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck(c)

Hold the deck in your hand,

Shuffle the cards with your eyes closed

While concentrating on the question you want answered; then pull out a card from the deck.

Sample Question:

 A card pulled from the pack after shuffling that answers the question:

 “What do I need to do for him to call me?

   Why isn’t he in constant contact?”


The message I received is – emphasis on the Navel area, The  color is Yellow

and a Master Card with all of the Colors.


All the colors are here

The message is strong and clear

Carry on exactly what you are doing.

It all comes from the soul (the Yellow Navel area) guiding you to be where you are (The Tradition Card), to be flexible and let things flow (the Shaping Card)

And gaining in the end (the Master card of Possession)


More to improve and learn:

Which colors (areas) are lacking here?(ignoring the Master card with all of the colors)

Red – the area of the Root. Implementation, inspiration and sexual drive  

Green – the Lung area. Patience, cleansing of the lungs (a smoker)

Blue – the Throat area. Emotion, balance, Allowing for logic

Purple – the Mouth area. Assertiveness, saying what you want and need.


Summary of lesson number 4 of Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck ©

You are on the right track

Saying what you want and need, being more sexual

Study something you enjoy, for your soul in order to be less dependent.

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