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Lesson five of Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck ©lesson 5 Eliane"s Energy Tarot Deck(c)


When two different people get the same card and ask the same question:

Will the answer be identical?

It’s like two people who have the same name

It plays a different role, together with the date of birth, the mother’s name, the family name…they are different.

So it is with the identical card – the answer is going to be different.


A sample question:

How to begin making a desirable change?


First woman: a freelancer in cosmetics.

The answer is in the element of Fire. On the right bottom of the card we see the elements. In the FOCUS card, the element is Fire.

Her work is passionless, there is no fire. It is very important to include something in it that will add passion and fire. When I told her she smiled. The answer was correct.

It doesn’t mean leaving her work, it means doing something for herself, something she is enthusiastic about, perhaps art, dancing or studying. As soon as there is enthusiasm there will be changes in all areas of her life.


Second Woman: A bank employee. In her case the answer is in the name and the image itself, the FOCUS.

She has been on automatic pilot her entire life. Her day is focused on one sole goal; there is nothing impractical or non functional in her life. Is she enjoying life? Does she deserve to have some pampering? This never comes up for her. She functions like a robot. Life is a mission, a list of tasks.

When I told her, she smiled. The answer was correct.

We detailed her day. She is a single parent. Her parents can’t help her.

We talked about a baby sitter to give her some free time.

We talked about going out, having a social life.

None of this was in her life. She works on auto pilot.

She said she never even thought of the possibility.

This change of course will impact all areas of her life;

It may even lead to her being in a relationship.

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This was lesson 5 for Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck ©

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