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The eighth lesson of Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck ©lesson 8 Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck(c)


We will address the letters that appear on the bottom left hand side.

After shuffling the deck of cards and pulling out one card that replies to our sample question:


Should I start a new business, leave my job and my salary?”


In the previous lesson we learned to look at certain parameters on the cards.


Now I would like to look at the letters (the Hebrew letters).

These give us a definitive answer of Yes or No.

The letters give a precise and specific answer -

which is relevant to this point in time and should

be revisited in the future.


In this case we should check in 1 month’s time (The number on the card is 1).

The letters indicate words, situations and recommendations.

The letter (א') Aleph – represents the Hebrew word ‘perhaps’ (אולי) – and this should be checked again in one month.

The Hebrew letter (ק') Koph – represents words for “a little”, “difficult” (and although it also represents the word “easy” which begins with the same letter in Hebrew, this is not a possible reading since the card itself is called DELAY). This should be checked again in one month.

The Hebrew letter י') )Yod – represents the expression in Hebrew that means – “to be very exacting”. In other words, this option would need to be checked very carefully!

Good luck!


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