Types by birth date

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Types by birth date Summary

Anyone can identify himself
By the full birth date summary
it shows the way you achieve desires 
and what make your happiness.
it shows what mate you are
and what mate you need.

The date sum to one number
Example summary:
1 +1 +1 +9 +1 +0 = 13 = 1 +3 = 4
Type is Number 4

Number 1

People are going to have a hard time in the first half of life
And the other half all starts to be easier
They believe in hard work without compromise
Only through hard work achieve their goal.
they are self deciders
and give hard time to a spouse
that need to share and to be part of decisions

Number 2

Very friendly and social. They believe that their place in world to Help
Therefore they also want to know everything and know a lot more than others
These people always know to tell you who to contact
If you need a plumber or an electrician or anything else.
they are verry sahring with a spouse but when they do not receive the attitude
that they need theywithdrawn and get introvert.

Number 3

Type 3 is very misleading. On the one hand flexible adaptive flows
Listening and empathy
And on the other hand can be very rigid
With their inner truth
And nothing will stop them and restrictive
they need an independant spouse
they love to travel.

Number 4

Need a support frame
Like a steady work, or home
And in the frame he is a naughty boy
Curious Child
Refreshing and optimistic child
He sees his way
Think others should see the same way
So sometimes seem stubborn and obsessive
Fulfills the most desires long way
That need to learn first-hand everything.
they need to be led

Number 5

Quiet outside
Noisy inside
Needed solid ground safe and harmonious to function
So,at  first arrange his Affairs, his economic affairs
Economic security essential to the functioning
And harmony
he can go to the point that he was ready to .
 if he  decided that's enough
Even an earthquake will not move him
he need a carresing spouse a stable spouse without surprises.

Number 6

Easily bored jumps around from topic to topic
Suitable for communication, computers
Fun outgoing light
Should learn to do time outs by himself
To collect himself from the Influences around.
need an enteresting and occupied  spouse
that love social life and have a lot of interests

Number 7

Extremely sensitive so load a hard shell on his back  outward
For protection                                      
Looks very sociable
But in fact only a small core Perhaps a spouse can get really inside.
Suitable for a home, cooking, parenting.
Remember everything
Hard to get rid of memories and stuff
And he must do this in order to make room for the new.
his spouse need to be an intuitive person
even a spiritual job like hilling or therapist.

Number 8

A number  within itself is the sign of endless
Repeating the same patterns
But the couple is very confused
On the one hand very charming  leading pampering
On the other hand
You can feel the most alone in the world with certain situations
 If it is Unfamiliar situations 
they don't know if they didn't experience
thats why the spouse feel alone and frustrated in some situation
that she need him with her
they need a verry esthetic wife and beutiful home
they like to show of.

Numbers 9

he needs a first push to start
when he start he is brilliant and invents.
Sharp, entrepreneurs
Enough to say pips and they already understand the principle, adding their own innovations
Very  judgment of themselves
They often remain in a job years
 Because Of high self-criticism that they are not good enough
They  are also perfectionists.
 Excellent Psychologists very loyal friends
.they need a spouse that encourage them to develop

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