Self esteem

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What is the difference between a successful person ?


There are those who value themselves professionally

There are those who value themselves financially

Emotional assessment is divided into categories in all fields
If there is an emotional connection between all fields
good for you.
In reality, the situation is different.
the emotional feelings of self esteem
are most of the time disconnected
therefore the reactions are
of a three years child.

Interpretation of self-esteem according to the dictionary:
Emotional appreciation of the value of the person.

Is it a monetary value?
Values ​​or value?
Is it the same thing?

Quote say: a wealthy man is a man with the say!
This means that in order to be considered
You must be financially based?

High self-esteem
Will lead  you to,
Economic success,
So the answer is yes.

Until the age of 3.4.

Self-esteem is determined.
Adult usually stuck at the age of 3.4.
In terms of self-worth.
And the adult, should be aware 
That inside there is,a 3-year-old little boy named self-esteem
Which responds emotionay in life, as a 3 years old child .
in an argument with the boss, or with the spouse or even with your teenage child.

Your self-esteem
Determines  success  and balance in  life, relations, parenting.

Self-esteem is the key of
Happiness and success.

Good luck to everyone.

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