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Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck © First Lesson. One question per cardlesson 1 Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck(c)

You are holding the deck in your hand,

Shuffling the cards with your eyes closed

While concentrating on the question you want answered;  

Pull out a card from the deck.

A card pulled from the pack after shuffling, answers the question you thought about:

Here is a sample question.

“What is the source of the cold and ear ache I have had for months?”

The answer is given in the card you see here: the color Purple, the mouth area, the number is 2.


You don’t need to look at the other details of the card, only look at the area the card points to

(Where it stems from, what needs to be treated).

Indeed it is a very complex treatment to the teeth (the card for the area of the mouth) given two years ago (the number 2). The source is the mouth. It is recommended to make an appointment with the dentist for a thorough examination and an x-ray.

This person visited an Ear Nose and Throat doctor and was given anti allergenic medication and antibiotics but the problem was not resolved. This card shows the true source of the problem.

This was lesson no. 1

To follow lesson no. 2 for Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck © click here.

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