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Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck © Second Lesson. One question per card.lesson 2 Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck(c)

Hold the deck in your hand,                                   

Shuffle the cards with your eyes closed

While concentrating on the question you want answered; then pull out a card from the deck.

Sample Question:

 A card pulled from the pack after shuffling that answers the question:

 “When will I have a breakthrough on my current project?”

The answer is given in the card you see here.

 The color is purple, the area is the Mouth and the number is 8.

You don’t need to look at the other parameters on the card, In Lesson 1 we looked at the color (lesson 1) and now, in  lesson no. 2: we are addressing the number which represents the length of time (when).

Indeed, the color purple and the Mouth area, point to marketing and advertising. The number 8 for time points to the 8th month = August

It could be 8 days, 8 weeks, 8 months. In this case, because it is the Mouth area and a Leadership card, it refers to the month of August, (8 weeks).

The answer to the question:

Soon, in 8 weeks

As a result of advertising (mouth)

It will put you on the map (leadership card)

This was lesson 2. In lesson 1 we learned about the area, in lesson 2 we learned about the area + time.

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