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Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck ©Third Lesson. One question per card.lesson 3 Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck(c)

Hold the deck in your hand,

Shuffle the cards with your eyes closed

While concentrating on the question you want answered; then pull out a card from the deck.

Sample Question:

 A card pulled from the pack after shuffling that answers the question:

“Why haven’t I had replies to the Resume I sent out?”


The answer is given in the card you see here. The color is Green, the area is the Lungs the number is 1/10.

There is no need to look at the other parameters of the card, other than the color (first lesson) and the element on the bottom right.

The color green and the area of the lungs point to patience running out. The number 1/10 indicates time, 1 or October =10.

In order to get a faster answer in time (1), we look at the element on the bottom right of the card. The first element is Earth, the second is Air.

This means that the Resume needs to be aired – and presented in a more realistic way.

The resume presents irrelevant capabilities. It is far too long.

The answer to the question:

Changing the resume from the Earth element 1 to the Air element 10, makes it lighter and more attractive.

Time to the interview –it will occur in 1 week

Persistence and patience that is wearing thin (the Lung area):

You will receive a response and be successful (The card of Success)

This was lesson 3 for Eliane's Energy Tarot Deck ©

In lesson 1 we learned about: the area

In lesson 2 we learned about: the area + time

In lesson 3 we learned about: the area + time + elements

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